Book Review – The Undying Mercenaries

“Legion Varrus is a harsh unit. We train our troops to think for themselves. We kill them now and then to keep them sharp.” – Centurion Graves


Note before review, Undying Mercenaries is more mature than other books, it has sex and a whole lot of gore, so this book isn’t for everyone.


The Undying Mercenaries series is set in a world where Earth has been forced into joining a much more powerful empire (control the galaxy powerful). For humanity not to be wiped out, Earth is forced to pick up a trade that is of value to the other vassal states in the same section of space as Earth. With nothing of value not already covered by other races, Earth turns to hiring out mercenary companies known as legions. Using the technology of the Galactics, (the powerful empire mentioned earlier) which allows soldiers to be brought back from the dead (more technically, cloning their bodies), Earth becomes a successful hub for mercenaries.


The series follows the adventures of legion recruit James McGill, who serves in Varrus Legion.


There isn’t a whole lot of science involved in the books, seeing as it centers life more around being part of this legion, there is some discussion of more advanced technology, such as plasma guns, cloning machines and nanobots. While not a sci-fi heavy book, there is enough that you can tell that the world the book is set in has technology beyond our capabilities currently.


Funny and just overall cool, Undying Mercenaries is definitely a book to pick up. While it isn’t a book that will make you ponder on difficult philosophical questions, it is a fun read, and if you have the spare time this is a good way to spend it.


Link to the Book: Undying Mercenaries