Random Things – Top 5 Skyrim Mods

This week, in order to celebrate writing my first game review (on Skyrim), I wrote about my favourite Skyrim mods.


Better Vampires

Vampire Lords from the Dawnguard DLC were a transformation that overall, I found underwhelming, especially when you obtain it at higher levels, due to this I never used the transformation for Vampire Lord (never used the Werewolf one either). While the concept of playing a vampire was interesting, they were too weak to really be usable. This mod by Brehain2 makes the vampires far more customisable (I can finally make them gain power from feeding), and also makes them useful even when not in Vampire Lord form, making the trade-off of weakness during daylight well worth it.


Deadly Dragons

Ah the dragons of Skyrim, so pathetic that in a game all about you being the only person able to kill dragons, I have seen even bandits ruthlessly mow them down. Apart from the first one you kill, dragons are all laughably easy to kill, even on legendary difficulty. To fix this, I play using my most hated mod to date. Created by 3jiou these dragons have killed me more than all other enemies combined. Finally, proper enemies for the ultimate dragon slayer.


Alternate Start – Live Another Life

An interesting mod, live another life quite literally allows you to pick an alternate start to the lengthy Helgen introduction to the game. While sometimes these start locations are truly horrible (I fought a Hagraven at level 2), they are much more enjoyable then the lengthy cart ride through Helgen, so thank you Arthmoor for saving me from the same tediously long introduction 10 times.


Cloaks of Skyrim

The fashion choice for all stylish superheroes (or supervillains), cloaks of Skyrim makes your character look awesome (and is another place you can add an enchantment). Mod author is Nikinoodles.



Finally, to round things out, perhaps my favourite quest line (though more for the rewards then anything). The mod Undeath gives you the ability to become a Lich after completing a suitably complicated quest line. While not always the clearest with directions, (I know I spent more than a few hours looking for things I’d missed) I’ve always liked the idea of being a Lich (and to have the power to throw cows onto rooves). This epic mod was created by Antioch08.