Book Review- The Alchemyst

An excellently written story based off the idea that Nicholas Flamel was actually successful in finding the Philosophers Stone, and managed to create an Elixir of Life using the powers of this stone.

This book is set in the modern era, with computers, cars and basically everything we have come to expect in life, except that in the book, magic is real.

The basic premise of the story is that the Flamels have been waiting for twins of legend, one would have an aura of pure silver, the other of pure gold. The prophecy as quoted is “The Two that are One, and the One that is all, One to save the world, One to destroy it.” Basically fairly standard stuff, yet it still makes for an enjoyable read.

The system of magic within this series is aura based, as you may have guessed. To perform magic, an aspiring mage must first have their magic “awakened”.

Overall this is an enjoyable read, has an interesting plot, good characters and interesting character development. It’s also made more enjoyable by the fact that famous mythological figures appear in the book, such as the Morrigan, Baset and Hecate. If your looking for a fiction book with some famous figures, I’d definitely give the series a go.

Link to the book: Alchemyst