Book Review- Demon Accords Series by John Conroe

“I have no Native American heritage, but I had decided as a child that my spirit guide animal would be a bear. We were both loners and fighters, at least that’s how I looked at it. I don’t know how the Great Bear felt about it, as I had never given him the option to say no.”-Chris

Ok, so as soon as some of you saw the title you probably went, what? Demon Accords, what a horrible sounding name, I’ll never read that.  If that was your first reaction, then this book won’t be quite what you were expecting.

This book also deserves a warning like Dune. This book will involve a lot of killing (I mean a lot), a bit of romance (in case you don’t enjoy that sort of thing, though it’s not too long) and will talk about demons (I know some people don’t enjoy these things). If you don’t mind all these things, then you’ve done yourself a favour, because this book is one of the best series’s I’ve ever read.

This series mainly centers around a demon hunter named Chris. He has been given the power to combat demons using what essentially is his aura.  He is an exorcist with a mission.

The setting is basically urban fantasy and virtually ever legend is true and walks around causing trouble – there is almost never a quite moment for Chris and his, rather cool, girlfriend.

God Touched – During book one the book sets the scene for important character and explains a bit about these characters. I enjoyed this book immensely, though it was not my favourite book in the series.

Demon Driven-Book two did a bit more scene setting for some of Chris’s new powers but it also had a lot more combat, dialogue and just all around action than book one.

Brutal Asset-Book three is almost all combat, during this book Chris begins hunting down several things that really should not have tried to irritate him, I mean really, have they learnt nothing? This book also introduces the newest (and definitely furriest) member of the group.

Dual Nature-Book four is has more politics (cool politics, not the type of politics were everyone just stands there and drones on) than action, although this book does also have some serious action. This book definitely had some really awesome ideas, especially… actually, I won’t spoil it.

Fallen Stars- Book five took a bit of a break from vampire politics to move onto what Chris does  best, kill demons. This book also introduces the character that will be prominent during book six.

Executable-Book six is an oddity, it’s during  the time of book five from the perspective of a completely different character. Chris and the main character in the book have never met each other before (except during the end of book five, but that doesn’t really count in my opinion) so I definitely found this interesting. This book also gives you a bit more of an insight as to how witch’s powers work.

Black Frost-The last book (or third book technically but it’s a short story so I put it last) is also something of an oddity. This book is also about a different character like book five, but it never has Chris meet up with the main character here. This makes it less important to the series, but it is definitely an excellent book.

Overall my favourite book would definitely have to be book five. I loved the ideas in that book and that is what made it stand out for me compared to some of the other ones.