Why I won’t be doing videos on Minecraft Homeschool’s Summer Program

So I know when I finished off with my Castles and Cannons tours and posts I said that I would be doing  Minecraft Homeschool’s summer program.

Unfortunately I decided not to do any videos on it because I didn’t enjoy the Summer Program.  I know some of you out there might be wondering why this is, especially when I said I absolutely loved the Castles and Cannons class, so let me just lay out my reasoning for you guys (for those of you who are interested, this will not affect me joining other classes, it simply means you won’t find me online on the summer camp server)

First off this program was way to easy, I mean starting off with /fly made everything just that much easier, and made it not really feel like Minecraft, because in all of my other modded single player worlds I’ve always had to struggle to get methods of flying, and getting flying this easily made me not really feel like I earned it (maybe because I didn’t), I still used it, but it didn’t really feel that good using it, unlike in Castles and Cannons where I felt we had earned it and we really did need it for our later construction projects.

Secondly the world was just too limited, I couldn’t for example, make my house as big as I wished too, because we were limited to a 15×15 house and I just don’t build houses that small (this is at least partially because I play with mods and have so many things I want to place in my house). Also, with the 15×15 house limit, we weren’t allowed to go build another house somewhere else. The reason for this limitation was because there were something like 233 players (not sure my figure is 100% corrects, but I think it’s pretty close)  we just didn’t have enough space.

Now, I know some of you who play Minecraft are going, not enough space?  That’s ludicrous, it’s Minecraft.  But the reason for this is because we were limited to building inside the Grand Canyon, an area made by the staff to look like the Grand Canyon. Whenever we tried to do something outside of the Grand Canyon we would get error messages.

The final problem though is definitely what made me leave the Summer Program. The final problem  was Team Speak (which I will now refer to as T.S).  The problem here was that with 233 students T.S was always going to have too many people for me to actually have a decent conversation with anyone, simply because there were so many people talking at once.

Because the main reason I enjoyed Minecraft Homeschool was that I got to talk to new people on T.S, the Summer Camp was just not right for me.

Unfortunately, the addition of all these elements means I won’t be doing tours of the Summer Camp and you won’t see me online in the Summer Camp.


Book Review – The Dune Series by Frank Herbert

He who controls the spice, controls the universe“- Baron Harkonnen

Warning- For those of you who would rather not read about gruesome deaths, this book is definitely not for you. This book can and does get rather gruesome during some parts, so be warned.

This book has quite a few names to remember, so you might want to start off with the Preludes to Dune.

Dune was one of the first books I read after coming to Taiwan. After attempting to read it when I was about 8 years old and failing (because I got bored) , I decided to give it another try when I was 10. After reading the first 50 or so pages, I found that things definitely got more interesting.

After finishing off book one in the Dune series, I finished off the preludes to Dune, figuring I might as well gain some backstory on the world (although almost everyone in the preludes dies during book one, but still).

Book two (Dune Messiah) was not really a success in my opinion, it was just one of those books where I had to grit my teeth, and finish it off in one sitting or I would never pick it up again. The reason for this  was that almost nothing happened during this book. Everyone just sat around and talked, which left me feeling cheated of a good book.

Book three and four (Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune, in that order)  were amazing, maybe even my favourite out of the Dune series, the ideas in the story were really cool and there was a lot more action than in the previous book. The books also looked at the world from the view points of some new character, so that was really enjoyable.

I’m not going to go into detail about book 5 and 6 (Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse Dune, in that order) , but in my opinion, they were absolutely abysmal and should not be read under any circumstances.