Highlights on Epicness – Luminus and the storming of the fortress

So, a bit of background to start (I’ll try not to be too long). Luminus is one of my D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) characters from the Pathfinder SRD system, he’s an Arcane (yes, the capital is necessary) lich (3rd Edition Liches Lords of the Night). Currently he along with his 3 companions are about to storm a fortress held by the Void (bad dudes) to, A) kill Void minions and B) become gods. The following short story takes place outside the gate of the fortress.

I’ve been alive for longer than most civilizations, and yet, I still feel myself hesitating at what I plan to do. I’ve spent years readying myself for this moment, and yet, now that the day has finally come, I’m frightened that all my practice may go to waste.

At the gates I bellow, “come, face me Sartorius, and we shall find out this day which of us is greater.” A shadow leaps over the walls of the fortress and lands about 40m’s away from us and stares at me, his eyes searching me.

“Ah, so you have returned Luminus, I have been for this day oh so very long, are you ready to face defeat once more?” The omnipresent villain lines of my defeat calm me, I’ve heard this so many times and have always defied the odds, this battle will be no different.

“I am indeed ready Sartorius, but are you ready, for our singing contest once more?” The great sing off would once again begin, and this time, I would emerge the victor.