Hi, I’m Connor

I’m currently living in Taiwan and I’m an avid reader and gamer and enjoy blogging about these things. I’ve also more recently developed an interest in what the future will look like, and have been researching numerous future developments, such as artificial super intelligence.

I read about a book a day, mainly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

I also play games, such as Risk, Skyrim (though I don’t record this), Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Minecraft. I upload videos as often as I can to my Youtube Channel, TellerGaming (maybe in the future, oops).

I’m currently homeschooled and enjoy martial arts, sleeping and eating (like most teenagers I guess).

I’ve recently decided to restart my blog (for however long that lasts), with a focus on my usual of reading, gaming and D&D, along with a new weekly section on the future. My schedule ideally will look something like

Wednesday – Developments that will be important in the future

Friday – Book review

Sunday – Whatever I feel like doing, but will likely be in the field of either gaming or D&D





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