Update on the Youtube channel

I’ve made a couple of changes to my Youtube channel and I figured I should probably talk about them because I figured some of you might be wondering what’s happening.

Agrarian Skies- So I know I haven’t been very active with this series recently, but this was because I moved to a new laptop and the save file wasn’t working. I appear to have gotten this fixed and should begin the series again.

Modded Pixelmon- My new laptop seems to loathe running the save file from the old world for some reason. The world will never load etc… and I’m not really sure how much I enjoyed the series. The problem was I felt the focus was no longer on Pixelmon but on the mods I’d added and therefore I decided I should drop the series. Sorry if you enjoyed that series.

Hunger Games: So I will be recording Hunger Games fairly frequently. I won’t be editing the videos so it only shows ones where I do well, however because I might do badly in one game I will do 2-3 games in one video.

Minigames- Depending on what I find I might record mini-games every now and then, however these will not be a frequent thing on the channel.

Knights of the Old Republic- I’ve been enjoying this a lot (but where are the lightsabers? argh). I’ll definitely be continuing on with this.

Some thoughts on future things-

Modded Skyrim playthrough- This is definitely something I’ve been contemplating. Unfortunately Skyrim seems to dislike running with anythings so recording this just might not be possible.

My own personal Minecraft mod assortment- This is also something I have been considering. I’ll just have to find mods I enjoy (which there are plenty of, I just have to think it through a bit more).

Age of Empires III Asian Dynasties- So I’ve been considering doing this for a while. What I’ve been thinking is that I would record a multiplayer game with friends, unfortunately thus far, I have been unable to get an even number of friends.

Warcraft III Frozen Throne- This is also another one I would like to multi with friends, yet so far I’ve had the same issue.

So this has been my update, if you’ve got any game suggestions or maybe mod suggestions make sure you leave a comment.

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdAnPPhZInxF8CqOmCPcdXw/feed?view_as=public


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